Let’s be honest. Stress makes us do crazy things. Things like eating a whole bag of peanut M&Ms in one sitting. But worse of all it makes us doubt ourselves. It makes us think that maybe we can’t do the things we’ve set our mind to or get the job of our dreams.

Whether you’ve applied till your fingers hurt or you’re only just starting out, here are the lies you’re probably going to tell yourself, the truth and what you can actually do about it.

1. “I don’t have the experience.”

If you’re making a career move or trying to advance above your current role then the concept of experience can seem daunting. Often we instantly dismiss a great opportunity because be believe we can’t offer what the employer is looking for.

The truth: You haven’t done the work to make yourself an obvious fit.

What to do about it: Do your research. Go through the company profile and job description at length and tailor everything to those requirements; your application, LinkedIn profile and any other professional platforms.

If you genuinely don’t have a lot of experience be honest, but also clearly communicate your ability to up-skill and desire to learn on the job.

2. “Of course they’ll hire me.”

We admire the confidence but guess what? Everyone else thinks that too. When we get too confident we can also get complacent which means not putting in the amount of effort a job application truly requires.

The truth: It’s more competitive than you think.

What to do about it: If you really want to stand out then you need to do something unique and attention grabbing. This doesn’t have to be flashy or over the top but something that illustrates you really care about the role (like our JBA video pitch).

3. “I’ve always worked in _____ so I need to keep doing it”

There’s a psychological reasoning behind this called the ‘time investment trap’. It can be tempting to give in to but it’s not always accurate. Just because you have spent a decent length of time in a certain industry is no reason to keep pursuing it if it no longer serves you.

The truth: With a bit of effort, changing career is easy than you think.

What to do about it: Take advantage of the range of online courses available that can help you up-skill. JBA makes this process easy by showing you exactly which courses are recommended for each job listing.

What to do next:
  • Take one of our core courses to improve your skill set and give you an edge over the competition. Your first two are free!

  • Get creative. Consider doing something different than your standard application. Our video pitch option is a great start.

  • Do some research. Our industry profiles can give you insight into the types of roles, skills required and available jobs for a given industry.