In celebration of our new personality insights course (that only takes 10 minutes and has some fun Tinder-esque features) a blog based on personality type seemed appropriate.

There's no ‘one size fits all’ approach to finding a new job. Here’s the approach that can best suit you depending on your type.

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If you’re an explorer… get chatting

An explorer can be described as talkative, charismatic and adventurous. This is the perfect personality type to get out there and meet new people (and hopefully get a job offer from). Utilise meet up events and local groups that relate to your chosen industry and be prepared to dazzle them.

If you’re a diplomat… use your networks

A diplomat can be described as honest, reliable and dependent on others. As a result, they will probably have very strong relationships. Use these networks to your advantage (friends, family, friends of friends, etc) and reach out to others who may know of upcoming job opportunities.

If you’re an analyst… use social media

An analyst can be described as introverted, calm and detail-orientated. This means they are likely to enjoy the opportunity to really plan and perfect their pitch before they approach someone. Social media is, therefore, the perfect tool for the analyst.

Use LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms you are comfortable with to reach out to companies or employers that you would love to work for.

If you’re a diplomat… approach directly

A diplomat can be described as independent, motivated and fearless. This confidence is the perfect trait for someone who would directly approach an employer. This could be going to events similar to the explorer or actually walking into the office of the company you want to work for.