1. Contact three people

Remember those phone calls you’ve been putting off? Get them done. Whether this is calling someone for a quote to get your company started or calling an employer for a job opportunity, pick three conversations that you’ve been dreading and start dialling. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

2. Schedule a meeting with your boss

Unsatisfied at work? Let’s do something about it. Go chat to your boss or send them a quick email to ask for a 10-minute catch-up and reevaluation.
Ask them for feedback on your recent progress and for any upcoming opportunities. You’ll never know what’s available until you ask for it.

3. Go for a walk

Get up and start moving. Don’t even think about it. Just put on a comfortable pair of shoes and go for a lap around your neighbourhood or office.
Use this time to really clear your head and get focused.

4. Budget

If you’re in between jobs or not getting paid as much as you’d like then it’s time to think about budgeting until you can figure out your next move.

Unsubscribe from any email newsletters that send you deals you’re prone to clicking on and delete any phone apps that make it easy to spend money.

5. Make it tangible

Bust out some good ol’ pen and paper and start writing down your goals for the next month, six months and year. Make them realistic but ambitious and hold yourself accountable to them.

Keep it somewhere you’ll look at often such as your bathroom mirror or stuck to the front of your fridge. Make it your mission every day to do something that gets you closer to crossing one of them out.

6. Do something for yourself

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. That’s why we need to make time for it. Organise some time for yourself right now, whether that’s reading a book, catching up with a friend or going to the gym class.

This post was inspired by our Wellbeing course which focuses on holistic physical and mental health.

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