You start out so positive and excited. You send off a few applications. You wait. And wait. And then you wait some more. Before you know it it’s been a few weeks and you haven’t heard anything at all. No email. No phone call. Motivation crumbles, confidence lowers and you suddenly start to doubt what you even want to do. Sound familiar?

Don’t panic, we have an action plan. With this quick four step guide, we can help you identify your job seeking hurdles and how to overcome them. Just think — one week from today you could be on your way to a new job that you love. Let’s make it happen!

1. Get to know yourself

Use our free self-discovery analysis to quickly identify your top strengths and weaknesses. Yes, this is a blatant plug. But trust us, it’s a perfect start to your job seeking process.

2. Stay on track

If you don’t have an exact plan for your day you’ll most likely end up aimlessly scrolling or getting distracted. Set a specific amount of time aside each day (at least a few hours if you’re currently unemployed) and decide which jobs you’ll apply for and how you’re going to do it (whether online or in person). Your job-searching should take up the same amount of time that a real job would.

3. Learn from your mistakes

We know how valuable feedback can be — that’s why we require all our employers to give feedback on every job application. We then encourage our users to use the feedback employers give them to improve their future applications.

If you’re not signed up for our platform (which you should be) you can also find the common CV mistakes here.

4. Be patient

All good things take time. If you don’t set aside enough time, overlook the planning stage or keep repeating your mistakes over and over you’ll never get anywhere. Invest in your job seeking process now and you’ll reap the rewards sooner — aka a new job!