Ahhh bed. We miss you. It’s so hard to leave you every morning. Here’s how to reclaim your morning routine without cutting any of your precious sleep time.

It’s pretty simple. You just need to do yourself a favour and prepare everything the night before. We’ve even made an easy checklist for you to do tonight.

  • Put your wallet, keys, water bottle and any other work-related items in your bag and ready by the door.
  • Pack a lunch (bonus points if you use dinner leftovers) and store in the fridge ready to go. If you’re prone to forgetting your lunch, put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or the back of the door you leave from.
  • Pick an outfit; clothes, underwear, socks, shoes the whole shebang. Also, pack your workout clothes or a change of clothes if you’re going somewhere after work.

If you’re feeling extra motivated prep a breakfast option and jot down a list of tasks for the next day. Not only will you be fed and looking sharp but you’ll also know exactly what you’re doing when you arrive at work. Look at you go!

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