Having the right skills and qualities are important for any job application, but what will really set you apart is showing you're a great fit for the company. This means you'll get along with other employees, contribute to meetings and bring the right energy and values to the team. 80 percent of employers admit to choosing their next hire based on cultural fit. Here's how you can use that to your advantage.

Understand their company culture

Before you apply, you'll want to do a bit of research on the company and their values. To do this you can head to the careers section of their website, look through their company social media accounts or read their blog.

You can also check LinkedIn for anyone you know who's previously worked there. They'll be able to give you an accurate (and honest) idea of what it's really like to work there and what they look for.

As you learn more about the company you should start to notice certain patterns. They might use a specific keyword like "innovation" or "trust" over and over again. Once you understand their culture you can use this information to tailor your answers and showcase how you can bring these values.

If you have the right skills, experience and you seem like a great culture fit, you should have no problem getting to the first round of interviews.

Use these values in your interview answers

If there's one aspect of the company that really excites you, let the interviewer know. Avoid mentioning things like social drinks after work or that it's close to a lunch place you love. Instead, focus on specific elements of their culture that are unique and stood out to you during the application process.

For example, maybe a past employee has told you that once a week they have a meeting to check in on everyone's projects. In this case, you could say something like:

"I recently learnt that you hold update meetings once a week. I'm looking for a company that works collaboratively and has a level of transparency, so it's great to hear that you value that here."

Knowing the values of a company prior to applying for a job is a win-win. Not only will it help you better tailor your application but you'll start to get an understanding of whether you really want to work there. Being prepared for your interview is a sure-fire way to stand out and put your nerves at ease.

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