So you’ve made it through the initial pitch, a couple of emails and a phone interview. Now you’ve successfully answered all the questions in a face-to-face interview only to be stumped at the very last hurdle: “So, now do you have any questions for us?”.

It’s incredibly tempting to avoid the question entirely if you don’t know what to say, but this is, in fact, an incredible opportunity to learn vital information about the role. Don’t pass it up!

Here are some great examples of what you could ask:

What is one tip you would give to someone starting work here that they wouldn’t otherwise know?

If successful, how would you like me to communicate with you? Do you prefer email, face-to-face catch ups or something else?

How would you describe the work culture of the company? Is it more relaxed or traditional? Do you expect employees to wear business attire to work every day?

In what ways will I know if I am successful in my role? How do you measure success in the company?

How did you get started in your role? What do you think is the biggest factor to your success?

What is the biggest challenge the team is currently facing? How would my role contribute to overcoming that challenge?

Who will I be spending the majority of my time with during the role? What kind of working style do they have?

Best of luck for your interviews — we’re rooting for you! Got another question you think should be added to the list? We’d love to hear it. If you have any thing else you would like us to write about, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook.