When you have a business to run, investing extra time and resource into your employees can seem incredibly risky. Why should I bother? What if it doesn't work? What if my employees end up leaving me?

Research, however, shows us the opposite is true. Not only does investing in your employees save you money in the long run but unmotivated and incapable employees can actually slow you down. When employees feel unsupported, over-scrutinized or insecure of their abilities they disengage. They look for distractions. They stop providing the quality of work you hired them to do.

On the other hand, employees who feel supported are far more valuable to your business. They're free to be creative, innovative and focus on the task at hand. Upskilling your employees will arm them with a range of knowledge and skills sets that they can pull from. Your business will grow faster, your employees will be happier and your team culture will flourish. It's a win-win for everyone.

Here are five specific areas you can expect to see immediate benefits from when upskilling your employees:

1. Employees are happier (and more productive)

A recent study led by University economists found that happiness in workers led to a 12% spike in productivity, whilst unhappy workers were 10% less productive than their happier counterparts. Their research essentially proved that financial incentives alone aren't enough to keep your employees happy.

In order to maintain long-term happiness, employees need to feel a sense of purpose and progression in their role. Giving your employees new goals and opportunities to look forward, such as upskilling, will keep them motivated to produce better work.

2. Your business grows faster

When your employees are happy and productive they simply get things done faster. Providing employees with a range of skill sets and learning experiences means less time outsourcing solutions and more time getting things done.

As you begin to invest in your employees you will subsequently invest in the speed and quality of your services, meaning more business and happier customers.

3. You improve internal work culture

When employees are excited to get to work in the morning it elevates the entire energy of your organisation. Having a thriving business and happy employees will improve your internal culture significantly. This means a boost in team morale, increased employee retention and an all important sense of pride from working at your company.

If you can create a space where employees feel valued and supported it will quickly spread throughout the team. Satisfied employees are also one of your most valuable sources of WOM advertising - happy employees are far more likely to speak highly of their work to others.

4. You improve external reputation

When somebody asks one of your employees about your company what do you want them to say? That their job is average? Or that they're excited to get to work every day?

Whether it's a new hire or a visitor to your office, people will quickly take notice of the skill level of your staff members, which sets a precedent for the quality of your company overall. Your reputation is everything and being known as a great place to work gives you a competitive advantage over others when it comes to attracting quality candidates. Nothing is more intriguing than a business full of happy employees.

5. You create a sustainable company

Being confident in the ability of your employees to grow your business is the kind of reassurance all business owners are searching for. When you invest in your employees you are building the future of your company.

Having motivated and competent employees can get you towards your goals faster and ensures you able to sustain the growth of your business going forward.

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