Chances are you're no stranger to sending an email. Email is a quick and convenient way to interact with employers but it can also serve as a major insight into your communication style and personality. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before pressing that send button.

  1. If you only use one tip from this entire article it should be this: have an appropriate email address. This is your first impression so something like "" isn't going to cut it. When in doubt stick to first name, last name. If that's taken include a middle name initial.

  2. Proofread every. single. email. Having a spelling or grammar mistake is hard for an employer to ignore. An extension such as Grammarly or using spell-check is your safest bet.

  3. If you're angry walk away (for five minutes at least). Getting rejected sucks but how you handle it will say a lot about you to employers. If you receive a response that makes you upset or disappointed avoid knee-jerk reactions.

  4. Reply as soon as you're able to. If you're unable to reply at the time, let them know when they can expect to get a response.

  5. Make it clear what you want. The most frustrating part of an email is getting to the end and still having no idea what the person wants. A clear sign off message such as "Please let me know what time suits you next week" is key.

  6. Include a great subject line. If you're trying to get someone's attention the subject line is your golden ticket. Before thinking of the email body you'll need to get the recipient to click open. Again be clear about what they expect to read like "Catch up this week".

  7. If your email is long, use bullet points. Opening an email and being bombarded with a wall of text is draining. Instead, separate your content by subject or prioritization.

  8. Keep it simple. It may be tempting to make your email bold and flashy to grab attention but in reality, you'll probably just give your reader a headache. Stick to normal size and black text. If a line is important use red text or underline sparingly.

  9. Double check your attachments. Once an email is sent, it's out of your control. Which means sending a personal file instead of your CV can be extremely embarrassing and hard to make up for. Always check your attachments are correct before you press send.

It may seem like obvious or small details, but it could be the difference between getting overlooked or being the standout candidate. Small details matter and your email etiquette is a great place to start.