When you’ve been looking for work for a long time it’s incredibly tempting to just take the first offer you can get.

But once the initial euphoria wears off, you may start to notice parts of the job you weren't aware of like team culture or working overtime.

Usually, an employer will give you at least a few days to think about whether or not you want to take a role. This is the perfect time to reflect on your options and decide whether or not the job is the right fit for you.


A reasonable eight-hour day quickly becomes draining when you also add a two-hour commute on top of it.

Whether you switch to taking the bus to avoid traffic time or decide to relocate for work, your commute is definitely something to think about. It’s going to end up being a big part of your day!


So maybe the salary is less than you expected or even worse you never even asked what the salary was. First things first, get a clear idea of what you’ll be getting paid.

If the salary is less than expected budgeting will become your new best friend. Transparency around your wages is not only vital for your ability to budget and save responsibly but it also gives you realistic expectations around when your pay will increase.


Who are you actually going to be working with? What are they like? Considering you will probably spend more time with these people during the week than your own family, having an idea of who they are and whether you can work with them will be a massive indication of how much you will enjoy the role.

Ask more questions around the team culture, dynamics, and expectations.


Do you actually enjoy the work you'll be doing? We don't always get to work in our dream job but it should at least align with your personal values and ethics.

It can feel like a lot of pressure to just simply do the job we’ve always done or do the job that our degree says we are equipped to do, but if the passion is no longer there or never actually was there then maybe it’s time to consider what you actually would love to do.

Take a step back and reflect on what part of your career you have enjoyed the most.


The reason many of us get stuck in our careers is that we have no idea how to progress. We might look at that coworker who is constantly getting promoted or the colleague that leaves the company for a better opportunity and think “How did they get so lucky?" It’s not luck, often they simply have the confidence to ask.

Believing that better work will fall into our laps is a risky plan. From the get-go let your employer know that you are keen to push yourself and learn as much as you can during your time there.

When you feel you’ve learnt all you can from your current position, this is the perfect moment to schedule a meeting with your boss, lay out all your achievements and ask for further opportunities.

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