We all know the saying 'the early bird catches the worm' - and it's true. Research into top performers shows that waking up earlier can have multiple benefits to your career. So how can you join the club? Here are 8 simple tricks to becoming an early riser.

1. Slowly but surely

Even if you get up one minute earlier each day, you'll slowly begin to see results. After one month, you'll be getting up half an hour earlier. After two months, an hour and so on until you reach your goal. If the thought of diving head first seems too much, break it up into smaller goals.

2. Celebrate small wins

Once you do start waking up earlier make sure to reward yourself with a small treat to reinforce the habit. This could simply be having a quiet house to yourself or sitting down to have a great breakfast, either way, use the extra time to your advantage.

3. Use peer pressure

Have early risers in your life? Make plans with them for first thing in the morning. This could be a meeting or simply a walk around the block but studies have proven that having someone else to be accountable to is far more motivating than doing it for yourself.

4. Make it hard to turn off your alarm

It might seem silly but move your alarm clock (or phone) away from you when you sleep. Having to physically get up to turn it off will make it much harder to justify getting back into bed. For an extra touch leave your robe or slippers by the bed so you have something nice to get into when you get up.

5. What goes wrong?

Assuming that this isn't your first attempt at waking up early, think back to why you failed before. Troubleshoot what makes it particularly hard for you to wake up early and work on eliminating those areas specifically.

6. Talk like a morning person

The whole 'fake it till you make it' even applies to your sleeping habits. When someone asks what kind of morning you had, avoid the negative talk of "crawled out of bed" and instead highlight the positives. This will trick your brain into thinking you love getting up early!

7. Track your progress

When you have a goal, your success will be determined by your progress. Keeping a calendar of which days you wake up early will help to keep you motivated and celebrate the small wins (or if you don't, it might help to identify why).

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