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Selling Yourself

Lets put this preparation to good use and take the next step to earning a living

About this course

As you start to examine your options beyond the JBA platform and the learning experience you've had, there are many strategies that can help you to focus on and manage the next step of your career. You need to reflect on what you have achieved, detail what you have to offer, decide on who to approach and ensure you can differentiate yourself from others. This course will help you do just that!

What will I learn?

  • Reflect on you JBA experience - what strength have you enhanced, where have you grown and what does this mean for your goals?
  • Where to next - which employers or funders are you interested in and why
  • Preparing your pitch - practical steps to selling yourself and standing out from the crowd
  • Dealing with set backs - how do I respond and what do I do next

Thought Leader

Gerard Mackle