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Opportunity Awareness

Luck, it’s what you make it!

About this course

Enhancing your opportunity awareness leads to proactive, positive, open and persistent attitude towards achieving your career and business development goals. Ongoing learning is also an essential element of being career ready, optimistic and luck-ready. An opportunistic luck-ready person is someone who is invested in, continually alert to and proactive in creating opportunities.

What will I learn?

  • Opportunity awareness - Enhance your attitude towards creating development opportunities and being career ready.
  • Being career ready - Get skilled in the proactive art of navigating pathways to education, employment and/or business.
  • Focused and flexible - Have a plan and be open to opportunities that you encounter along the way.
  • Dealing with challenges - Persist despite setbacks and challenges, and come up with great plans to deal with them.
  • Being luck ready - See possibilities and be positive, excited and energised by them.

Skill covered in this course

  • Marketing
  • Business Strategy