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Summer in the Vines

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Are you a Kiwi looking for work over Summer?  Are you interested in permanent work? We want to hear from you!

We are about to head into the Summer Growing season in vineyards around Marlborough, the jobs vary from:

* Bud Rubbing - rubbing the young shoots off the trunk below knee height

* Wire Lifting - lifting wires up and securing them on nails on the posts to keep the top of the plant lifted up, growing towards the sun

* New Development - lots of variety here, helping to lay out new posts, securing new plants with bamboo and grow guards, adding nails and clips to posts, singling the new plants once they start growing.

* Shoot Thinning - removing shoots on the plant to keep the heads clear

* Fruit dropping - removing small bunches of fruit, to keep yield within its contracted range, and to remove any green fruit (2nd set) that wont ripen in time for harvest.

Summer in the Vines

Grapeworx Marlborough Ltd

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