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Tree Planters

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Tree Planting

People required for the 2019 tree planting season.

This work is medium / high physically and would suit people used to working outdoors in sometimes challenging weather (wet, muddy, cold, windy) and sometimes difficult terrain. Probably comparable to contract fruit picking, contract fencing, shearing and other outdoor work.

Pay is a base rate with the ability to earn more based on trees planted to an acceptable standard. 90 day trial conditions could be enforced if anyone does not show sufficient improvement after 10 days planting. We will know how quickly people can progress by watching for a few days. People who put the effort in and show aptitude for the job can pick it up quickly and gross $300-$400 per day. Sometimes it takes a full season to get to this level, but it can be picked up much quicker - everyone is different.

We can organise good value accommodation at employees cost. If a job is in an area that makes the day very long with travel, we may provide local accommodation.

Travel to and from work will be provided from designated locations, we will try to make it easier for everyone.

Workers will need to provide hard toe lace up Safety boots, as well as wet weather gear and warm clothes.

Need to be able to work in New Zealand legally, and have a New Zealand I.R.D number, and a bank account to have weekly wages paid into.

Our Planting season will be from 1 May 2019 to the end of September or mid October.

Tree Planters

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