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Tractor Operator

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KP Contracting Ltd is an agricultural contracting business and as such we require tractor operators that hold a minimum of a class 1 licence.  The responsibilities of the operator could be as listed but not limited to.  It depends upon the operators experience and technical abilities.  Some training would be available for the right person to reach an acquired standard:

An operator would be required to take responsibility for the operation of tractors and other supporting implements.  To complete contracting tasks including, safely attaching and detaching farm implements to tractors, as well as using the equipment and hand tools.  Carrying out repairs and maintenance (both planned and unplanned) and servicing of tractors , machinery and equipment.  Using cultivation preparation machines such as a plough, disc, power harrow, levelers and cultivators to prepare soil as well as seed drilling.  To make supplementary feed with mowers, turning, racking, baling, harvesting, carting and rolling selected grassed paddocks for silage and hay.  Applying fertilizers or pesticide solutions to control insects, fungus and weed growth, and diseases, using sprayers and spreaders.  Reseeding of paddocks after they have been used in the cultivation of additional feed using their appropriate seed drills  To carry out ad-hoc general labour activities such as fencing, wood splitting, fixing water lines, effluent and water installation, shifting as well as feeding stock and general farm duties.

Tractor Operator


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