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Experienced Foresty Worker

Job Description


• Must be a NZ Citizen or Resident

• 2 Positions available right now

• 30 Hours + a week

• Starting rate $25.50 an hour or greater than with piece rate or bonuses

• At least 1 years’ experience and hold a Level 3 Certificate

• 2IC duties and health and safety responsibilities

• Travel provided to and from site (Gisborne)

• Reference from last employer required

• Pre-employment drug test required

• Mandatory: must be drug and alcohol free, fit and reliable.


Vailea Silviculture Ltd has been supplying forest owners with a full range of forest establishment and silvicultural services since 2016. This includes planting, releasing with chemicals, spot spraying, pruning, and thinning to waste.

Thinning to Waste (tree felling)

This job task is physically demanding because it requires felling trees in sometimes difficult and remote terrain, while carrying between 20kgs of work gear. This is a job all year round and involves felling 7-12 year plantation trees (over and under 20cm). Each block has its own prescription for example how many trees to fell per hectare, and the required chainsaw cuts to be applied. There are higher costs and risk with this job as additional PPE is required and chainsaws with a 20-22 inch bar is required for each staff member. Safety compliance is also higher and strict rules must be followed at all times.


Trees are planted with a 2-cut and minimum cultivation of 20cm each side at a stocking of around 1000sph (trees per hectare) or 3.3m x 3.3m apart.


Some clients require that the ground around newly planted trees are sprayed with a herbicide to reduce competition from surrounding weeds for light, nutrients and water. The herbicide is applied using a 15litre knapsack sprayer. Care must be taken to ensure that no trees are missed and the correct dose is applied. There are other forms of releasing (weed control) such as granules with a 500gm dispenser and manual releasing (scrub bar, chainsaw, machete).

Additional duties

• In charge of the crew onsite when the PCBU is not present

• Be an authorised and designated driver

• Conducting safe work observations of all crew

• Being conversant with safety compliance and company policies

• Conducting visitor inductions

• Health and safety training and fire and emergency response

Working Hours

Work will normally be Monday to Friday, 6-8 hours per day in the Gisborne region. Travel time is generally outside of the 6-8 hour working day. To ensure your health and safety and in order to manage the risk of fatigue which results in accidents, VSL adopts a no more than 10 hours day including travel. VSL also believes weekends should be off for family time, although you may be requested sometimes to work on a Saturday to meet contract hours as a result of bad weather.


Due to the work environment and physical nature of this job, applicants should be;

• outdoor fit and prepared to work to the best of their ability.

• Be highly motivated and have good discipline qualities.

• able to be challenged physically and mentally, can strive to achieve targets.

• reliable and punctual.

• able to work as a team member.

• be of sober habit particularly during the week.

Experienced Foresty Worker

Vailea Silviculture Ltd

Job type:

Full Time