When you're looking for work outside of your current location, a Skype interview is bound to come up. Unlike a phone or email interview, this can be an easy way to showcase your personality and how you can fit into their company culture.

Here are nine things to remember leading up to your interview:

1. Excuses are a bad impression

Regardless of whether you're familiar with video interviews, it's easy to download Skype and set up a username. If an employer offers a Skype interview don't let inexperience put you off from accepting.

2. Dress the part

Depending on the role, you might need to dress up a bit in order to be taken seriously. Even though you're not meeting in person you still want to look exactly as you would for a face to face interview.

3. Find the right space

Set yourself up somewhere that will be quiet, well lit and free from distractions. Also, you'll need a reliable wifi connection, so Skyping from home or a quiet cafe with free wifi is ideal.

4. Do a test run

If you want to feel extra confident, try a test run with a friend an hour or so beforehand to make sure that your video, audio, and environment is right.

5. Stay calm and carry on

If you do experience a glitch during the interview, maintain composure and keep talking. If you missed something they said, simply politely ask them to repeat themselves.

6. Let people know in advance

If you do schedule your Skype session at home make sure anyone around you realises you need privacy and quiet. The last thing you want is a roommate barging into your room halfway through saying something inappropriate.

7. Avoid staring at yourself

It might feel awkward but make sure you're looking directly into the camera at your interviewers rather than glancing into the box looking at your own reflection.

8. Keep it professional

Despite Skype interviews feeling a bit more casual, you'll want to maintain the same level of professionalism that you would in any other setting. Avoid getting too comfortable (unless you know that this is appropriate for the company).

9. Be aware of body language

Even though they can't see everything, you still want to maintain positive body language of what your interviews can see. This means good posture, keeping your actions open and welcoming and avoiding any fidgeting.

You're all set! With video interviews and applications becoming more common, knowing how to navigate a Skype interview is a great skill to have. Most of all, remember to treat it just like you would a regular interview - stay professional, ask great questions and prep yourself on the company beforehand. You'll do great!